Loan Program To Finish in One Year, But No Cleaning Station Constructed for Armavir and Metsamor Towns

Loan Program To Finish in One Year, But No Cleaning Station Constructed for Armavir and Metsamor Towns


“Water Sector Community Infrastructure” loan program shall finish in 2018; nevertheless, no new cleaning station has been constructed for Armavir and Metsamor town, which are stakeholders. The program is funded by the European Investment Bank in the amount of 25.5 million Euros. Under the program, it’s planned to construct a sewage cleaning station in the service area of “Nor Akunq” CJSC, to rehabilitate the pumping station of the sewage, collector and network to ensure the cleaning of the sewage discharged from Armavir and Metsamor towns.

Project implementation period was marked from 2014-2018. During the visit made to Armavir region the locals informed EcoLur that no cleaning station had been constructed and the sewage is dumped into the Sev Jur River, which is used to irrigate fields and spreads stink in Metsamor community.

In reply to EcoLur’s enquiry, what are the outcomes of the loaning programme signed with “Nor Akunq”, how much money was spent on project implementation and what kind of obligations will be transferred from “Nor Akunq” to “Veolia Group”, State Committee on Water Industry of the Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources says, “In the frames of Stage 3 a consulting company “SRP Scheneider&Partner Ingenier-Consult GmbH” (Germany) has been involved as a result of international competition for project design and technical control together with Caucasus Consulting Group (Armenia) as a subcontractor. A contract was signed with this company on 28.04.2016. Designing works are in progress in line with the contractual schedule. No funds have still been funded in the frames of the programme. (The consulting company has presented a claim for prepayment for designing works, which has been submitted to Finance Ministry). The response doesn’t say anything about transfer of obligations from “Nor Akunq” to “Veolia Group”.”

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17:35 December 01, 2016


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