Yerevan Municipality Unilaterally and Completely Dissolved Contracts Signed with Sanitek

Yerevan Municipality Unilaterally and Completely Dissolved Contracts Signed with Sanitek


On 3 October, Yerevan Municipaluty unilaterally and completely dissolved the contracts signed with “Sanitek” companies. Today Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan informed about it in his video message.

“As you know, since 2017 “Sanitek” company has started carrying out the trash removal in the capital with defects and improperly. These defects grew even worse in the middle of 2018 and went on till September 2019. The mentioned-above facts made us study the situation to understand if “Sanitek” meets all the obligations it undertook with the signed contracts and check the legality of the contracts in general. To find out the circumstances, by my instruction the employees of the Municipality of Yerevan since July 2019 have been studying and inventorying the technical facilities of “Sanitek” companies. The process was completed a few days ago and now we have the full picture.

Taking into consideration corresponding contractual provisions and following the law “On local self-governance in Yerevan City” I thereby unilaterally terminate the contracts signed with “Sanitek” companies,” Hayk Marutyan noted.

It should be noted that on 2 October Yerevan Municipality transferred 160 million AMD to Sanitek for the services provided in the second half of August 2019 and disseminated a press release, “Today Yerevan Municipality transferred AMD 160 million to the account of “Sanitek” company for the services rendered in the second half of August 2019.

We urge the leadership of the company to use the amount to meet their obligation for payment of the salaries to their employees. We’d like to inform that the Municipality of Yerevan no longer has any financial obligations related to “Sanitek” companies taking into account the fact that since August.”

October 03, 2019 at 14:27