Armenia Has Solid Reasons to Sign Minamata Convention on Mercury

Armenia Has Solid Reasons to Sign Minamata Convention on Mercury


The question of signing the Minamata Convention on Mercury by Armenia still remains open. The convention will be open for signing from 7 to 11 October 2011 in Minamata (Japan). The countries to join this document should refuse from primary depletion of mercury and adhere to a number of restrictions in the trade of mercury and its use in industrial processes, as well as take actions to reduce mercury pollution.

“Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO discussed the problems of mercury pollution and international processes connected with it on 28 June. For Armenia to join this convention, a number of procedures should be implemented, particularly the discussion of the convention text, the opportunities and responsibilities of the parties.

The convention reflects the main fields of the environmental pollution with mercury, i.e. industrial wastes, mainly old luminous tubes, medical equipment, cement production, mining industry and the sector using charcoal.

The participants of the conference admitted that the problems connected with mercury pollution in Armenia factually exist and need solutions.

Thus, pollution measurements carried out by the doctors of “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO in dental hospitals, in the abandoned tailing dump in Sotq and landfill sites showed that pollution exists to various extents. Yerevan thermal power station intends to re-equip for the use of coal, which will increase the risks of mercury pollution. Mercury is an accompanying element for the mining of many natural resources in Armenia. Everything is OK with cement as well, taking into consideration two cement plants we have – Ararat and Hrazdan cement plants.

13:19 July 02, 2013


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