Nature Protection Ministry Assures that Nubarashen Pesticides To Be Eliminated Abroad

Nature Protection Ministry Assures that Nubarashen Pesticides To Be Eliminated Abroad


The issue of liquidation of Nubarashen pesticide burial has received contradictory evaluations: the greatest concerns are related with the establishment of a national warehouse in Kotayk region. Nubarashen burial stores over 50 tons of obsolete pesticides, the packaging of which is worn out, the burial is located in active landslide zone and poses danger to environment, water and nearby population. The project plans to establish a national center for storage and management of hazardous chemical wastes based on the former reserve area of civil protection and medical products under the management of the Ministry for Emergency States located in Kotayk Region. It shall serve as a temporary preservation place for pesticides and other chemical wastes left and dug out from Nubarashen and 24 warehouses left from the Soviet periods for the further export and elimination, as well as for the storage of 7000 tons of contaminated soil from Nubarashen burial site. …It’s national and state-priority problem. Research institutions shall model and estimate scenarios to say whether or not it’s feasible,” said chemist Seyran Minasyan during the discussion held at Nature Protection Ministry. People living in Kotchor neighborhood in Hrazdan Town are concerned. Karapet Karapetyan, Head of Manmade Disaster Department of Ministry for Emergency Situations, mentioned that it’s not feasible to accumulate 7000 tons of soil in this warehouse area. “There are numerous European countries, which have relevant technologies and plants for the elimination. It’s a paid service and the project ideology says, as well as the budget plans that we shall export these volumes and eliminate abroad,” said Nature Protection Deputy Minister Khachik Hakobyan.

18:50 October 18, 2016


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