Yerevan Deputy Mayor Promises: We Will Have A Landfill Site with Contemporary Criteria

Yerevan Deputy Mayor Promises: We Will Have A Landfill Site with Contemporary Criteria


EcoLur had an interview about Yerevan solid waste management project with Vahe Nikoyan, Deputy to Yerevan Mayor.

Reminder: Yerevan solid waste management loan - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank has provided loans of 8 million Euros each (a total of 16 million Euros) and another 8 million Euros has been provided by the EU NIF Fund.

Recently the Eastern Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) has joined the funding of this program with a grant of 2 million Euros.

- Mr. Nikoyan, currently in which stage is the Yerevan solid waste management project?

- We have launched general reforms in solid waste management since 2012. The first component was garbage collection, which was one of the most actual issues for that moment, so we involved an external operator – Sanitek Company. The second component is the project on the construction of a new landfill site in Yerevan in line with international criteria and the isolation of the existing landfill site. After the entry into force of the loaning agreement we will announce an international competition for the construction of a new landfill site and the isolation of the old one.

- What kinds of technologies are planned with this new project?

- The new project is the second component of solid waste management. The second component we are currently implements refers to the isolation of currently operating Nubarashen and Ajapnyak landfill sites. In the frames of the isolation of the old landfill site we are planning to take out gases generating from garbage, to install relevant gas-burning equipment, generators so as to get electricity from this burning. We plan so much in the frames of this component and this loaning program, i.e. to get electricity from old and newly generated garbage.

- In other words, sorting and recycling are not planned for this stage: why this issue is left open?

- Sorting and recycling have business component and can be implemented only in cooperation with private cooperation at the expense of private investments. In order to understand in which direction we go we announced an international bid of expressing interests, which is posted on the websites of the European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank and our websites so as to be able to invite world-known experts in this sector and understand what interests exist in this sector. The deadline for submitting expression of interests is 15 May, and if there any, we will develop the final package based on them based on which criteria we will have a recycling facility and we will announce an international contest making these participants aware of it. If there are expressions of interest, and it finally turns out it doesn’t cover it costs, as opinions differ in this regard, then the Municipality will have a certain participation so as to have a recycling plant in Yerevan city. If it becomes clear as a result of a general recycling contest that sorting, including initial sorting, shall have certain economic result, we can introduce it at any stage. I don’t see any obstacle now.

- As a result of illegal garbage collection, Nubarashen also has other sorts of garbage, besides household garbage, for example medical wastes, and toxic and hazardous materials are also not excluded. It hasn’t been studied and our project also hasn’t examined this matter. In that case how other wastes will be kept?

- It would be rather difficult for me to answer it, as we don’t have relevant infrastructures and unfortunately, whatever you said is true. In future the area of the landfill site will be fenced with checkpoints and sorting the garbage and naturally the entry of “special” garbage won’t be allowed into the area. Currently we are running negotiations to be able to establish a special point for “special” garbage adoption in our special section.

- How the new project will affect the price of the garbage collection?

- In our opinion and estimates it shouldn’t have any effect on the price of garbage collection.

- Whether any area owned by ArmForest will be used?

- A part of the area, where no forest exists, is included in the project. With the governmental resolution this area was separated and taken out of the fund of ArmForest and was joined to the landfill site, but there was no tree, forest or something like that in this area.

- What kind of compensation is planned: have you negotiated with ArmForest?

- It’s a state project and ArmForest is a state one and I think there won’t be any compensation issue. The state can’t compensate itself.

18:04 March 23, 2017


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