Temporary Warehouse for Obsolete Pests in Nubarashen Still Remains Open

Temporary Warehouse for Obsolete Pests in Nubarashen Still Remains Open


The issue of the temporary warehouse for the obsolete pests of Nubarashen still remains open. Nubarashen pest burial site is located in Erebuni administrative area, Yerevan Town, next to Jrashen, Geghanist and Mushavan communities. Here around 900 tons of pests are buried, which are classified under the first and the second classes of hazard. The volume of the extremely contaminated soil in the burial site makes up around 7100 tons. The burial site is adjacent to 'Erebuni' state reserve. The burial site is subject to liquidation, as the burial site doesn't have any floor, walls and roof, the pests are buried immediately in the soil. There are landslide phenomena in the burial site area, which increase the risks of environmental pollution with the pests. On 9 November, the first public hearings of the EIA of 'Removal of POPs Pesticides and Recovery of Associated Contaminated Soil along with Site Cleanup, Stabilization, Containment, and Monitoring applied to the Nubarashen POPs Burial Site' project was held at Yerevan Municipality. EcoLur wondered where the pests will be kept before exporting them to another country for elimination. Project Coordinator Gayane Gharabegyan said, 'As a result of the discussions, Hrazdan residents opposed and didn't want such a hazardous place to appear near their town. Taking into consideration the concerns of the population, we reached a decision not to use this area, while the selection of the alternative area is still in progress. It's not our task, but the task of our government what kind of area to allot for this purpose. There is also another alternative solution not to store at all, but to find such a solution, which will enable collecting certain volumes and transfer it. The project plants to export pests out of the country for further elimination. Nevertheless, the country of export is still unknown, while 7100 tons of the contaminated soil of the burial site should be neutralised on the spot.'

18:29 November 13, 2017


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