Nubarashen Burial Site Obsolete Pests Export Question Still Open

Nubarashen Burial Site Obsolete Pests Export Question Still Open


The matter of the export of the wastes from Nubarashen obsolete pests located in Yerevan still remains open. This problem was discussed on 16 March during the second public hearing of the EIA of 'Removal of POPs Pesticides and Recovery of Associated Contaminated Soil along with Site Cleanup, Stabilization, Containment, and Monitoring applied to the Nubarashen POPs Burial Site'  held at Erebuni Municipality.

The most worrying questions is which country the wastes of the burial site will be exported to. In her interview with EcoLur Project Coordinator Gayane Gharagebakyan assured no actions will be taken in the burial site unless the country of export is clear.

'Exporting is unclear as long as there will be a competition held, which will determine which plant will do the burning. I hope the tender will be announced in May. If the export is not impossible, the burial site will remain untouched, but it will be enhanced,' the project coordinator mentioned. In this stage, the project proposes to establish temporary infrastructures in the burial site area, to exhume and to wrap the wastes on the spot for the purpose of export and elimination abroad.

There are around 1050 tons of pests with class 1 pollution buried in Nubarashen burial site, 4100 tons of soil of class 2 and 8500 tons of soil of class 3 pollution. The elimination of the burial is urgent: it is located in an active landslide zone and poses an extreme danger for the environment. The burial site is adjacent to Erebuni State Reserve, where wild species of wheat and other species are preserved.

This project has been initiated by 'Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment' with UNDP/GEF support. GEF has allocated US $ 4.7 million, while the Armenian Government has committed to invest  US $ 16,020,000.

19:05 March 16, 2018


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