“Prosperous Armenia” Party Proposing Yerevan Residents Concept of “Green Smart” City

“Prosperous Armenia” Party Proposing Yerevan Residents Concept of “Green Smart” City


EcoLur is presenting the environmental components of the election campaigns for Yerevan Aldermen’s Council. The candidate of “Prosperous Armenia” party for Yerevan Mayor is Naira Zohrabyan.

Under Clause 7 of the project, the PAP is presenting its environmental promises under the heading of “Smart City and Green Economy”.

“The highest ecological balance shall be ensured in the capital. The basis of the formation of a reasonable environment in Armenia shall be the formation of a digital society and the implementation of pollution-preventing policy. Under the hygienic requirements, the surface of green zones per capita in shall make up 28.8 m2 in Yerevan City. Nevertheless, starting from the 1990’s till now, continuous mass tree felling followed by wide-scale construction led to the drastic decrease in this indicator thus making it 4.5 m2. To establish parks and forest pals of urban significance in the free area in the administrative regions. To carry out greening and improvement works in 80 parks, gardens and resort zones existing in Yerevan, if needed, to carry out reorganization works. To establish buffer zones with green plants in Yerevan suburbs, this will promote the improvement of the overall environmental situation in Yerevan.”

In Clause 5 of its program, the PAP promises to construct an environmentally-friendly plant for recycling garbage.

In Clause 10 of its program, the PAP covers the problem of Hrazdan Gorge: “A new law is needed to return the gorge to the public, while mayors and other officials having illegally issued permits shall compensate the damage incurred by the landowners from their own pockets.”

12:36 September 13, 2018


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