Ecostraws as Alternative to Plastic Straws

Ecostraws as Alternative to Plastic Straws


Kapan resident Gevorg Gasparyan has found a new method to fight against plastic: he is proposing to replace plastic straws used to drink juice with straws of plant origin. He noted that environmentalist Mariam Sukhudyan has prompted his idea to him.

“We have named the initiative of ecostraws “Green Revolution” aiming to create an alternative to plastic straws,” Gevorg Gasparyan said.

Gevorg Gasparyan intends to establish a production of ecostraws: he will consults with a specialist in forest studies to take seeds and to cultivate this plant.

It should me mentioned that pollution with plastic has reached enormous volumes worldwide – plastic can be decomposed in the environment within 100-400 years. Different countries come up with different legislative initiatives and awareness-raising campaigns to fight against plastic. Armenia is also a part of this process.

16:00 May 20, 2019


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