Alarm Signal: Akhtala River Again Became Gray

Alarm Signal: Akhtala River Again Became Gray


The Akhtala River, a tributary to the Debed River in Lori Region, has again been polluted. On December 18, Kamo Gharagyozyan, a resident of Mets Ayrum community, posted photos on his Facebook page. "We have got the impression that at night the tributary overflows, but it overflows not with water, but I do not know with what, and in the daytime it flows 'clean', showing traces of the nighttime flow," he posted.

The pollution of the river was fixed in Akhtala community, near the railway. In conversation with EcoLur, Gharagyozyan mentioned that there are probably tail flowing in the river. EcoLur was informed by the Environmental and Mining Inspection that they were aware of the problem, responded promptly, and the alarm signal was transferred to Lori Regional Division, which is currently dealing with the problem. The Inspection will provide additional information.

Photo Credit: Kamo Gharagyozyan FB page

December 19, 2019 at 15:20