Gift to Town - Tailings Ponds of Vanadzor ChemProd (Photos)

Gift to Town - Tailings Ponds of Vanadzor ChemProd (Photos)


Vanadzor ChemProd has two tailings ponds: one has been out of operation; the other is still in operation. The enterprise doesn’t exercise any due control over these objects. As Vanadzor Aarhus Center Pertch Bojukyan told EcoLur, this territory is not fenced, while overflow pipes, which protect tailings ponds from rains, are in a bad shape. “We have talked to enterprise heads, but they told us, in due time they made fences, but they were stolen,” Pertch Bojukyan said. The combine refused from the other tailings pond still in the 80’s leaving it as a gift to Vanadzor Town.

The fluid percolates from the tailings dump. The locals complain that the overflow pipes smell bad, while one of the residents said their potato crops got dry, while animal having drunk this fluid died. They applied to the State Environmental Inspection, but they stated they hadn’t detected any harmful substances.

Photos by Vanadzor Aarhus center

15:01 April 02, 2012


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