Two Accident in One Day

Two Accident in One Day


On 26 December two accidents occurred in the mining enterprises in Syunik Region. The first accident is in Geghi mine developed by 'Ler X' LLC next to Nor Astghaberd community. The second accident is in Zangezour copper and molybdenum mine, the industrial tails of which once again found themselves in the Norashenik River, as reliable sources from Kapan informed EcoLur.

We were also informed that the accident in Artsvanik tailing dump was quickly liquidated. 'We should kiss on the foreheads of these workers, as they could correct everything so quickly so as not to cause damage to environment,' said Lenik Petrosyan, Head of Syunik Territorial Division of State Environmental Inspection.

21:01 December 27, 2013


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