Nature Protection Ministry Initiating 'South-North Armenia Without Garbage' Action

Nature Protection Ministry Initiating 'South-North Armenia Without Garbage' Action


RA Nature Protection Ministry plans to hold 'South-North Armenia Without Garbage' action. The idea is garbage collection in all recreation, resort and residential areas in Armenia from north to south by introducing garbage transfer and cleaning stations. 'We aim to increase public awareness, willingness and preparedness as an important component of ecoeducation. We have a preliminary agreement with international organizations to implement this process. Definitely, we will need the participation of volunteers and active support of journalists,' RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said at the press conference.

The Minister also covered the issue of neutralization of Nubarashen pest burial site expressing his hope these works will enter an active stage soon.

'It's a project of around US $ 210 million, which supposes wide-scale grant participation, as well as national contributions. Our aim is to reach final assessment of Nubarashen obsolete pest burial site, elimination of reserves and neutralization of areas. We want to form an important system for the detection, registration and neutralization of main sources of mercury,' Minister Artsvik Minasyan said.

16:06 February 13, 2017


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