Yerevan Municipality Submitting Explanations to EcoLur on Yerevan Household Waste Management Loan Program

Yerevan Municipality Submitting Explanations to EcoLur on Yerevan Household Waste Management Loan Program


Yerevan Municipality has submitted explanations on Yerevan Solid Waste Loaning Project.
Reminder: Nubarashen solid waste management loan - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank has provided loans of 8 million Euros each (a total of 16 million Euros) and another 8 million Euros has been provided by the EU NIF Fund.

EcoLur's letter laid down the drawbacks of the program and it particularly mentioned that the project doesn't envisage garbage sorting and recycling, which can be an obstacle for potential investors. The other questions referred to the composition of garbage, assessment of methane amount collected in the garbage landfill and use of biogas to produce electricity.
EcoLur requested Yerevan Municipality to answer the following questions:

What is the initial composition of Nubarashen landfill site according to the definitions of 1999/31/EU Directove and how these wastes will be stored according to their hazardness or safety class?

What kind of additional funding will be necessary for plastics sorting and recycling?
In what stage are the negotiations run with the potential investors on the construction of the recycling plant?

How alternative fuel, biogas, will be used and whether it will be converted into electricity or will be burnt in atmosphere, as it is practised by Shimizu Company?

The reply letter by Yerean Municipality says: Information on the composition of solid wastes is available both in the reports of Fikhtner Company and Enviroplan Company reports, which reflect the figures for 2010 and 2016, respectively.

Sorting and recycling of solid wastes are not excluded, but rise from the essence of continuous programs implemented by Yerevan Municipality being one of the components of garbage collection/recycling/placement/dumping cycle.

During the examination of the closedown of the operating landfill the aggregate volumes of gas formed in the landfill site were taken into examineation, the volumes of gas burnt by Shimizu Company were also observed, so the calculations made are comprehensive.
The new landfill site is designed for household garbage: it will also have a special section designed for construction garbage.

There is no individual calculation of costs for plastic sorting and recycling.
Currently primary sorting and recycling program is actively discussed and in future Yerevan Municipality will announce a request for expression of interests. After submission of requests for expression of interests the sorting and recycling methodology and the approximate value of the program will be clear.

Electricity is planned to produce from methane gas, and to burn remaining gases, if needed.

16:23 February 16, 2017


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