Georgia Refused from Plastic Bags

Georgia Refused from Plastic Bags


Georgia developed a draft normative act on stage-by-stage ban on plastic bags, as the Georgian mass media inform, the normative act stipulates stage-by-stage ban on plastic bags and their substitution with biogradable bags, paper bags and packages and bags of multitime use, which comply with the European standards. The problem of plastic bags is very tense in Armenia: plastic waste make up almost half of the wastes among household solid wastes and are stored on the landfill sites without any sorting. There are no enterprises designed for the processing of plastic wastes. Without any wastes plastic bags penetrate into Lake Sevan, get accumulated on the river banks threatening its inhabitants, which get drown in the plastic. The draft law on plastic ban hasn’t been submitted by any governmental body, instead loan projects worth multimillion dollars are implemented by the European banks of development, where sorting and processing of plastic is not even planned.

12:47 February 27, 2017


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