"Sanitek Company" Fined for Around 13 Million AMD


Within the scope of the treaty signed between Yerevan Municipality and “Sanitek” company the corresponding services of Yerevan Municipality carried out inspections in August of this year and revealed numerous cases of improper implementation of the duties fixed in the treaty by “Sanitek” company. The company was sent “Notifications of conformity” and reasonable terms were set for elimination of defects. The defects were not eliminated completely and timely so on this basis, in accordance with the treaty the notification “On failing services” was issued and by the determined order a penalty of 12.967.739 AMD was applied for August.

“Sanitek” company objected the notification on failing as it stated that the failing was explained by objective circumstances: in this case the problem refers to waste trucks damaged because of absence of proper conditions for the waste dump, to the big number of burnt and damaged outdoor trash containers. However, irrespectively of those problems being objective or subjective, Yerevan Municipality is taking measures to assist ‘Sanitek” to return the process into its regular pace, negotiates with the company in relation to additional investments to replace damaged machinery and trash cans with new ones. In case of not improving the situation is possibly short time Yerevan Municipality will apply the punishment provided by the treaty which however will require some time and procedure to ensure uninterrupted process of waste removal.

Yerevan Municipality

14:55 September 11, 2018


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