Nubarashen Residents’ Main Demand on Landfill Site Not Filfilled

Nubarashen Residents’ Main Demand on Landfill Site Not Filfilled


The stink coming from Nubarashen landfill site had reduced, nevertheless, the main demand of the residents haven’t been fulfilled. ‘After our protest demonstration some works have been performed there, machinery has been brought and the garbage having reached the edge of the road was covered with soil. The stink has decreased, but I don’t know what it has been caused, maybe the weather. Sometimes we can drink coffee at least in the yard of our houses. We have demanded to entirely cover the landfill site. We were told from Municipality that they don’t have relevant machinery. The municipality has replied they don’t have relevant machinery,’ Nubarashen residents told EcoLur. According to the official information, 9700 people are living in Nubarashen administrative area.

Reminder: in August the residents blocked the highway located near the landfill site then they held a protest demonstration near Yerevan Municipality.

Yerevan Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan assured the residents that they will have a new landfill site in two years and the problem will receive its final solution.

The new landfill site will be constructed with the loan of 26 million Euros. The construction works of the landfill site haven’t still commenced. The new landfill site doesn’t plan to have garbage sorting and recycling, consequently, the landfill site won’t solve its main problems or will solve it only partially.


17:28 September 18, 2018


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