Sanitek Promises To Regulate Garbage Collection in Yerevan

Sanitek Promises To Regulate Garbage Collection in Yerevan

Tatev Yenoqyan for EcoLur

Sanitek Company acknowledges that the company is responsible for the anitsanitary situation in Yerevan and promises to regulate this issue.

“Yes, we have defaulted on our contractual obligations, but we don’t avoid the responsibility,” Sanitek company director Nicholas El Tawil said at the press conference held recently.

He assured that the problem will be solved by 100% when garbage trucks will reach Yerevan from the Netherlands.

“Last month Sanitek invested over 500,000 Euros to buy 5 new garbage trucks, which are on their way to Yerevan and will reach here in two days.”

Nicholas El Tawil denied the hearsay that the poor operation of Sanitek Company is related to Mayor Taron Margaryan’s resignation, “Sanitek has invested over 14 billion AMD in this country and won’t make any sabotage because of any one. There is no connection between Mr. Margaryan’s resignation and Sanitek Company.”

14:06 September 24, 2018


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