Nubarashen Garbage Not Interesting for Recyclers?

Nubarashen Garbage Not Interesting for Recyclers?


'Nubarashen is a landfill with a history of 50 years, but its garbage can't be used anymore. It's not interesting for potential investors, but it's impossible to make a profit.' This is how Acting Minister for Territorial Administration and Development responded to Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan's question on what our policy is: whether we want to close down Nubarashen landfill site or we want to have a garbage recycling system. The Q&A was held at the Cabinet meeting on 13 December, when Suren Papikyan was presenting the draft resolution of approving the signature of a letter-consent on 'Extending the term of the loan agreement of 'Yerevan Solid Waste Management Project'.

In the Soviet years, the garbage didn't use to contain these components that the investors are currently interested in: there was no metal, plastic, or their amount was low and not interesting,' Suren Papikyan said.

'Yerevan Solid Waste Management Project' hasn't been implemented so far though the loan agreement for its implementation was signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) still in December 2015. The loan agreement expires on 11 December 2018. Now the new government having approved the draft agreement shall dispatch a letter to the EBRD to extend the term of the loan agreement by 1 July 2021.

In the frames of 'Yerevan Solid Waste Management Project', it is planned to construct a regional landfill site in Nubarashen and to close down the existing landfill sites in Ajapnyak and Nubarashen. The total value of 'Yerevan Solid Waste Management Project' is 26 million Euros.

18:33 December 13, 2018


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