Plastic Garbage Reached Armaghan Mount

Plastic Garbage Reached Armaghan Mount

Naira Karapetyan, Student of Journalism Faculty Yerevan State University

Plastic garbage has reached Armaghan Mount, which has a height of 2829 meters and is a natural monument.

‘The pollution in Armaghan has increased after the construction of “eating” places. Everybody goes there to entertain, say toasts, have a look at the saint, then leave the garbage and go away,” said Tigran Bashinjaghyan in his interview with EcoLur, the founder of the “ASP” Horse Riding Club. Under him, people need to have environmental education to fight against garbage, as well as they need to found a garbage-recycling plant.

Photos by Tigran Bashinjaghyan

March 25, 2019 at 18:17