Court Returned Claim Filed by Kartchevan Residents

Court Returned Claim Filed by Kartchevan Residents


The Court of General Jurisdiction of Syunik Region has returned the lawsuit filed by Simon Khachikyan and Emin Tumanyan, residents of Kartchevan Village, against "Agarak Copper and Molybdenum Combine" CJSC. The reason is that the residents were not able to pay 2% of the compensation amount for the damages they demanded.

It should be reminded that the residents of Kartchevan Village demanded that the court compensate the damage caused by the pollution of their gardens with industrial wastewater coming out of the territory of the Agarak Copper and Molybdenum Combine and return the lands to their former appearance. “Anikom” LLC, Center for Research and Forensic Expertise, found that the permissible concentration limit of copper (PCL) exceeded the norm by 20.9-21.4 times, molybdenum - 15.8-24, zinc - 3.24-3.80, manganese - 5.6-6.1 times.

The damage caused to Simon Khachikyan and Emin Tumanyan was calculated by "Anikom" LLC in the range of 15-25 million AMD. To accept the lawsuit, it was necessary to pay 2% of the mentioned amount, about 250,000-500,000 AMD.

In his conversation with EcoLur, Simon Khachikyan mentioned that he does not have the opportunity to pay such a large amount. The plaintiffs' representative, Barrister Mariam Abrahamyan, appealed the ruling of Syunik Regional Court to send the lawsuit back to Court of Appeal a few days later. They are currently waiting for the response of Court of Appeal.

Photo Credit: Armenian Environmental Front civil initiative

May 15, 2020 at 21:19