Content of Landfill Site in Dilijan Dumped into Aghstev River (Photos)

Content of Landfill Site in Dilijan Dumped into Aghstev River (Photos)


The content of the landfill site in Dilijan is directly dumped into the Aghstev River. Yerevan resident Arthur Igityan informed EcoLur about this in his letter, "2-3 km away from Dilijan is located the landfill site of the town hear Dilijan-Vanadzor highway, next to Aghstev river. The landfill site is full and its content is dumped directly into the river. The river flows through Dilijan and Ijevan towns," the letter says.

Dilijan Aarhus Center Coordinator Albert Haroyan said in his phone interview with "EcoLur"that the landfill site is located in the administrative territory of Dilijan. It's located on one side of the road running to Vanadzor, while the river is on the other side of the river. It's possible that wind blows sone packets to the river, but not the whole garbage. He also noted that maybe some individuals threw garbage in the territory of the river.

Ijevan Aarhus Center Coordinator Gagik Aghbalyan also raised the issue of pollution of the Agstev River with wastes. Under him, the Agstev river is also polluted with the sewerage of communities located next to the river. Even construction wastes, fur and remainders of animals slaughtered are dumped into the river.

Photos by Artur Igityan

13:16 September 13, 2012


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