Robots Made from Household and Technical Waste

Robots Made from Household and Technical Waste


Robot builders in Armenia intend to build robots from household and technical wastes to draw public attention to environmental protection. The robots from wastes will be made from October 3 to 5 at Digitech Expo 2014, during “Ecorobot” competition held in “Robots in Daily Life” festival organized in the frames of 10th annual international technological expo.
The participants of the competition should build a robot-like image using household and computer wastes - computer parts, CDs, phones etc.

The competition participants need various household and computer wastes as working materials, so organizers expect the support of our citizens and companies. If such wastes are available, the organizers offer to use them effectively and to provide them to the contestants by writing an e-mail to[email protected] by 10 September.

The organizer of “Robots in Daily Life” festival is the Union of IT Enterprises.

15:35 August 21, 2014


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