Geghanush Discussions Didn't Give Desirable Results

Geghanush Discussions Didn't Give Desirable Results


On 22 January “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” Company held a meeting with Geghanush villagers, Syunik Region, in regard with their claim on damage caused by Geghanush tailing dump. The claim had been signed by 184 villagers, the collection of signatures had been assedited by “Regional Monitoring Institute” NGO.

Reminder: it’s the second signature collection: the first one was held in 2006, when 134 Geghanush villagers signed under the letter opposing to the redevelopment of the tailing dump, nevertheless, their opinions haven’t been taken into consideration. The program had been developed by “Deno Gold Mining” Company with the financial support of the EBRD and Geghanush tailing dump was put into operation in 2008.

“Regional Monitoring Institute” disseminated the video of the discussions, which shows how the villagers were demanding for relevant compensation for the damage caused to their health and property. “Dundee Precious Metals Kapan” Company General Manager Hrach Jabrayan said, “Just briefly write to me - I used to have a garden here, about its size. Then attach the certificate of ownership of your garden, as well as some photos to the letter. Also mention the years you used to cultivate it, how much harvest you got during these years, when you stopped cultivating it and in addition show the place of your garden on the map”.   

The villagers opposed to it, “Let them prove that when this rusty rain falls, it’s not harmful for nature, for animals, people, trees and flowers!”

Nevertheless, both parties couldn’t reach desirable agreement despite tense discussions. See more details in the video.

January 29, 2016 at 18:24