Annually 8 Million m3 Sewage Dumped into Rivers in Syunik

Annually 8 Million m3 Sewage Dumped into Rivers in Syunik


Because of half-destroyed and worn-out sewage cleaning stations in Kapan, Sisian and Qajaran Towns in Syunik Region the sewage is dumped into Vorotan, Gorisget and Voghji Rivers.

There are no sewage cleaning stations in Neghri River basin at all. As of 1 January 2014, the annual volume of the sewage dumped into Syuniik Rivers made up around 8.0 million m3, as 'Actions Plan for South Water Basin Management Plan for 2016-2021' says.

According to this source, over 60%  of the sewage pipelines in the towns in Syunik Region need rehabilitation. Because of their worn-out state, the sewage frequently leaks into Agarak and sometimes in Meghri town streets.

It has been estimated that the following sums of money will be required to construct and install sewage cleaning stations and collectors in the following towns: 13524.0 million AMD for Sisian, 20158.0 million AMD for Goris, 33458.0 million AMD for Kapan, 2565,1 million AMD for Qajaran, 1544,4 million AMD for Meghri and 1464,4 million AMD for Agarak.

18:20 July 07, 2016


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