156,784.3 AMD for Armenian Radioactive Waste Neutralization

156,784.3 AMD for Armenian Radioactive Waste Neutralization


From 2014 to 2016 156,784.3 AMD is planned to be spent for the neutralization of the radioactive waste in Armenia: 49,353.9 AMD will be spent in 2014, 51,736.1 AMD in 2015 and 55,694.3 AMD in 2016, as the expenditure interim program of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry for 2014-2016 says. With these funds the radioactive wastes will be transported, examines, preserved, neutralized and buried in compliance with the nuclear and radiation standards and rules to protect people and environment from harmful impact of nuclear radiation. The program will be implemented by “Radioactive Waste Neutralization” CSJC. 

The radioactive wastes in Armenia are stored in Armavir Region, in the territory of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in Metsamor. The radioactive wastes of the ANPP used to be transported to Russia, but the railway connection was blocked because of the blockade, and the radioactive wastes are stored in the territory of the ANPP.

RADON storage facility is also located in the territory of the ANPP. The projected capacity of the storage facility is 2520 m3, consisting of three separate facilities, each 840 m3. Only one storage facility is operated, where only 3 isolators are completely or partially full of wastes. 

Reminder: in 2010 upon Energy and Natural Resources Ministry’s order YSU Center for Geological Prospecting started exploration works in the administrative territory of Zangakatoun and Ourtsalanj communities, Ararat Region, where a storage facility for radioactive and chemical hazardous substances and wastes was planned to be constructed. Nevertheless, after the unrests of the locals and environmental this problem was solved: Ararat Regional Head Edik Barseghyan promised to Ararat resident no storage facility would be constructed in their region. 

Under the specialists in this field, this problem is not solved where the wastes will be buries after the storage facility is full, but one thing is clear: the problem of storing spent nuclear fuel is solved.

10:15 November 12, 2013


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