Plastic Wastes Volume To Increase by 40% Worldwide in 2030

Plastic Wastes Volume To Increase by 40% Worldwide in 2030


The TASS news agency informs that in 2030 the volume of plastic wastes will increase by over 40%, while the plastic polluting the World Ocean will double, as the WWF’s global plastic report says.

“On average, we each use 53 kilograms of plastic a year and generate a collective total of more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste. They are produced without control not taking into consideration the real demand, which doesn’t allow reducing pollution volumes and stopping their growth,” the report says.

WWF outlined that over the recent 18 years the level of chemical industry wastes has doubled, while the extent of air and ocean pollution is increasing with a geometrical progression. The consequences of such an impact on the global ecosystem are not predictable. According to the studies, annually 100 tons of plastic turns into wastes and pollute soil, rivers, and oceans. Burning plastic wastes causes an increase in cancer diseases, and 270 animal species are endangered.

13:59 March 07, 2019


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