EcoLur Recognized Best Partner for WWF
18:07 June 05, 2014 | Թափոններ
“We would like to grant EcoLur this certificate and prize as the best and most active partner for WWF,” said ...
Nubarashen Pesticide Graveyard Needs Urgent Solution
11:15 April 07, 2014 | Թափոններ
The representatives of the steering committee outlined in their speeches that no direct impact elements were recorded in Nubarashen pesticide graveyard, nevertheless...
Megry turns into a dead zone
13:08 April 03, 2014 | Թափոններ | Սյունիք
Under his assessment, if the mines in Meghri are developed, Meghri area together with...
ANPP Radioactive Waste Management Problem Not Solved
17:45 April 02, 2014 | Թափոններ | Արմավիր
The problem with radioactive waste management hasn’t been solved yet, as Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Areg Galstyan reported to...
PEF Presenting Violations in Qajaran Mine
11:03 April 02, 2014 | Թափոններ | Սյունիք
The Pan-Armenian Environmental Front (PEF) is presenting “Mining Out of Law” series dedicated to the current legal violations in
Mining: Road to Wreck
14:44 March 28, 2014 | Թափոններ | Սյունիք
The companies have been insisting that sustainable mining won’t cause any damage to environment. Now, when it is difficult to...
Who Is Poisoning Aras? (Photo Report)
12:44 March 12, 2014 | Թափոններ | Սյունիք
The Kartchevan River flowing through Agarak Town, Syunik Region, is filled with tails, which are easy to confuse with ground, clay or industrial wastes. Tails have...
Not Land of Stones, But Land of Tails (Photos)
18:13 March 11, 2014 | Թափոններ | Սյունիք
The mining industry exposes the whole Syunik Region. Its residents have many times voiced the problems generated because of ...


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