National Assembly Adopted Law on Ratification of 'Miamata Convention on Mercury'

National Assembly Adopted Law on Ratification of 'Miamata Convention on Mercury'


On 6 October the National Assembly adopted the law on ratifying 'Miamata Convention on Mercury'. The objective of the convention is to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury. When presenting the bill at the National Assembly, RA Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan said that all the countries having adopted the convention undertake commitments, the most important of which are ensuring exchange of information, replacement of mercury-containing equipment with environmentally friendly equipment through an economic policy. The ratification also assumed technical and financial support for developing countries. 'In 2018 the Government of Japan will support Armenia in the amount of 200,000 USD for the replacement of mercury-containing equipment,' Artsvik Minasyan said and added that the convention is in line with the policy adopted by Armenia, which says sustainable development shall be reached through ensuring favourable environment. It should be mentioned that the main sources of mercury pollution in Armenia are mining, coal-operated TPPs, production of light bulbs and production of cement. Mercury is a persistent pollutant and those having been polluted with mercury suffer from brain-neurological injuries and other health problems.

17:57 October 10, 2017


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