The RA Government sorts its waste within “Recycle it!” project

The RA Government sorts its waste within “Recycle it!” project


Within “Recycle it!” project, funded by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme and Coca Cola Foundation, launched in 2018, the RA Government, 12 ministries and their subdivisions have started to sort their plastic, paper, glass and/or metal waste. The project is implemented by “ISSD” Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities” NGO.

Over 50 sorting bins have already been installed in the RA Government and other state agencies and over 30 new bins will be installed in September and October. Since the launch of “Recycle it!” project over 200 organizations (including 80 educational institutions) have joined the project and the number of stakeholders is over 200,000.

With the support of Global Credit UCO and permission of Yerevan Municipality 13 sorting bins for plastic bottles will be installed in Kentron district of Yerevan. The bins will be installed in the following areas:

• Poplovok park (2 bins)
• Komitas park (2 bins)
• Cascade (1 bin)
• Northern Ave (3 bins)
• English Park (2 bins)
• Swan lake (1 bin)
• Republic Square (1 bin)
• Cross-stone park (2 bins)

The vision of “Recycle it!” project is to create waste sorting and recycling culture in Armenia by installing sorting bins and increasing public awareness about waste recycling.

September 16, 2019 at 17:46