Vararak River in Syunik Region in Antisanitary Situation

Vararak River in Syunik Region in Antisanitary Situation


The Vararak River in Syunik Region is in antisanitary state, which is the left tributary to the Vorotan River. It starts from the south-east slope of Mets Ishkhanasar Mountain Top in Syunik plateau. The river is polluted with the sewage water and household garbage of Goris Town with 21000 residents and nearby villages. The garbage reached 4 SHPPs, which are constructed on the Vararak River, 'Qarahunj', 'Seka', 'Val' and 'Vararakn' SHPPs.

EcoLur's camera recorded the garbage regularly accumulated on the garbage-collecting nets of the SHPPs such as plastic wastes, clothing, food remainders and dead animal bodies...
'Several times a day we collect the garbage in the river and hire a car with our money to take it out of the SHPP area. Garbage has turned into our enemy and we don't know how to solve this issue,' one of the SHPP employees said in his interview.

According to the data of Environmental Monitoring and Information Center of RA Nature Protection Ministry, the chemical pollution of the Vararak River turns from the third class into the worst class, fifth, after flowing through Goris Town. Under the Center's data, the river is polluted with nitrate, nitrite and phosphate ions and ammonium.

Unlike the assessment of the chemical pollution, RA Health Ministry doesn't have any assessment of the sanitary state of the Vararak River.

The material was developed in the frames of “Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue” supported by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme".

15:37 September 07, 2017


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