Irrigation Water Problem Discussed at Cabinet Meeting: SHPPs Also Covered

Irrigation Water Problem Discussed at Cabinet Meeting: SHPPs Also Covered


On 15 February, the problem with irrigation meeting was discussed at the Cabinet meeting.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan: there is currently a debt of 10.5 billion AMD in the water system: we should understand how this debt has been formed – there is the version of serious corruption schemes having taken place.

State Supervision Service Head David Sanasaryan: villagers have paid for the water they have used, but the money doesn't reach and then it is formulated as a loss – this is the procedure.
Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan: the Chief Prosecutor was here and he heard what was said, the heads of investigative bodies were also here, as well as the representatives of National Safety Service. We should deal with this problem very seriously and, in this regard, the irrigation season for 2019 should be a very strictly regulated season. We have arranged to exercise strict control over water outlets out of the reservoirs so as not to exploit them for energetic purposes. Whether this problem has been solved?

First Deputy Minister for RA Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Garegin Baghramyan: We have taken the whole information from RA Nature Protection Ministry, the list of those SHPPs, which have water use permits and ensure their operation with taking water out of the reservoirs and have assigned Computation Center to exercise strict control. That is, electricity production beyond water use permit will be fixed and we will realize how it has happened.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan: Mr. Grigoryan, whether the problem with water meters in SHPPs is being solved?

Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan: The process is ongoing and we receive new information every day: already 30% has installed water meters. Within the frames of the governmental program, we have set targets for us that all large water users, SHPPs shall have water-measuring systems and not merely systems but systems joining online information systems. At this moment, the servers have been entirely purchased, the systems are installed and we will receive information about water use also in a real-time regime.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan: Here we have two directions to work in: the first one is the promotion of drip irrigation systems and the second is the reservoir construction project. Eventually, a commercial irrigation system shall be founded in Armenia, when there is an ordinary irrigation system with usual conditions, but there are economies which are ready to py three or four times more but to receive water, this mechanism shall be applied. Besides that, new water reserves shall be formed so as not to ensure the commercial part through taking it away from the others.

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16:47 February 15, 2019


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