"We Will Find out Who Stole Water" Hovik Abrahamyan Targeted by Authorities


The Hraparak newspaper writes, “Recently after the closed meeting of “My Step” faction, Head of Faction Lilit Makunts announced about establishing examining committees but she didn’t open up the brackets just saying the committees will be on mining, water use and other sectors having public significance.

We managed to find out that the sector of the most significance for the authorities is the establishment of an examining committee on water use sector. We would like to remind that at the end of March in the course of the discussions of the governmental program Nikol Pashinyan made a scandalous announcement on the water users unions saying that in the future all WUC will undergo examinations. There is some information that the target of the authorities is ex Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan and it is not excluded that there will be scandalous revelations as a result of the operation of this committee.”

You can read the full article in the issue of the Hraparak newspaper dated on 25.04.2019.

13:27 April 25, 2019


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