To What Extent Rights of Residents to Water Adhered to in Sayat Nova Community?

To What Extent Rights of Residents to Water Adhered to in Sayat Nova Community?


EcoLur has conducted surveys in Sayat Nova community in Ararat Region to find out to what extent the residents’ right to water has been adhered to. In the opinion of the residents of Sayat Nova Community, their right to have drinking water of relevant quality and quantity has been violated, together with the right to deal with agriculture specific to the region, and the right to receive information in the water sector. There are 4 fish farms operating in the community area, which annually pump 193,45 million cum water out of the wells, which the community is experiencing drinking and irrigation water problems. Only 62.5% of the respondents in the community think that the lack of water and drying out of deep wells is conditioned with the ruthless overexploitation of the groundwater of Ararat basin. Currently, 130 ha of the land area is not irrigable because of the non-availability of the water. The community irrigation system is mainly served by Masis Division of “Yerevan” WUC through the water intake carried out via pumps from the Hrazdan River in a mechanical manner. The community gets rid of the irrigation water in case the pumps are broken down and there is no electricity. Since 2018 the irrigation of 60 ha land areas in Sayat-Nova community has been carried out with the outlet water of “Masis-Dzuk” fish farm from 7 points. This initiative has been funded by the UNDP 'Advanced Science & Partnerships for Integrated Resource Development (ASPIRED) Project', the Fund for Armenian Relief, and the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia (SME DNC). Sayat Nova Community is using artesian water as drinking water: the community itself serves drinking water supply system. Sayat Nova community doesn’t have a sewage system. The intercommunity network of the drinking water of the community is extremely damages and urgently need repairing. There is a risk of the spread of infectious diseases, as it enables interference of the wastewater into the damage net of drinking water. According to some respondents, they don’t have sufficient water of relevant quantity and quality. Drinking water has acquired unpleasant taste, it doesn’t meet their demands at all, while the others think that they don’t have drinking water at all and bring drinking water from Masis Town. According the respondents, because of the lack of irrigation water they don’t have any opportunity to receive money from the land, as they can’t cultivate vegetables. The complete results of the survey are summarized in the “BRIEF SUMMARY OF FINDINGS OF SOCIOLOGICAL SURVEY CARRIED OUT BY ECOLUR NGO IN SAYAT NOVA COMMUNITY MUNICIPALITY AND COMMUNIT RESIDENTS, ARARAT REGION, WITHIN FRAMES OF "PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO WATER" PROJECT”, which you can find here.

This publication has been prepared within the frames of “Protect Your Right to Water” project with the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), whereas the opinions expressed or the content of the publications don’t necessarily represent the official views and opinions of USAID.

12:58 June 27, 2019


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