Muddy Water Flowing from Tap After Each Rain in Houses of Daranak Village

Muddy Water Flowing from Tap After Each Rain in Houses of Daranak Village


After each rain, there is muddy water flowing from the taps in the houses of Daranak Village, as the villagers are beating an alarm signal. They presented the problem with the water in the course of their meeting with EcoLur. Daranak River receives drinking water from the upper reach of the Daranak River. The drinking aqueduct is open till the entrance part of the pipeline and is polluted with sediment load, even remainders of animal origin as the residents say. The water is not subject to neutralization. From time to time aqueduct cleaning works are carried out, which, nevertheless, are not sufficient to ensure the cleanliness of the water and its quality. “We don’t have clean water suitable for drinking, you can find anything in the water – leaves, branches and dirt. Sometimes we have to bring drinking water from other places: whoever can’t afford to bring water from other places has to use this water,” Daranak residents said.

In this regard, Geghamasar municipality, a part of which is Daranak Village in RA Gegharkounik Region, informed EcoLur that the external network of drinking water pipeline having length of 2425 meters is planned to be repaired in order to solve the problem with the drinking water in Daranak and its estimates have made up 21960.03 thousand AMD. “The project has been approved preliminarily and now work is being performed to have the logical finish of the project,” the response letter addressed to EcoLur by Municipality says.

16:09 July 09, 2019


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