Fish and Crawfish Reserves Decreased in Lake Sevan: Bardukh Gabrielyan

Fish and Crawfish Reserves Decreased in Lake Sevan: Bardukh Gabrielyan


In 2019 low levels of fish and crab reservess have been recorded with some declines in whitefish reservess, as Director of Scientific Center for Zoology and Hydroecology, Doctor in Biological Sciences, Professor Bardukh Gabrielyan stated at the press conference held today.

According to Gabrielyan, in case of non-preservation of pre-spawning school we will not have fish during the spawning, which needs to be preserved. He expressed his concern that proper protection was not being carried out as both breeding individuals and caviar are sold everywhere. “The Ministry of Environment is going in one direction only to preserve the actual spawning period. We have suggested that protection should begin at least from December 1. But, unfortunately, that didn't happen, and now there is a relentless hunt for spawning school," Gabrielyan said.

Referring to the reduction of crawfish reservess, Gabrielyan said: “Our other most important bio-resource, which is of great industrial importance, is crawfish. For many years we have argued that if we do not manage to hunt, we will have the same situation as we do for valuable fish species. Today we are faced with the fact that we have a decrease in the crawfish reserves in Lake Sevan. Crawfish reservess have decreased by about 10 percent. We must propose to the government to ban crawfish hunting,” Bardukh Gabrielyan said. 

18:46 December 13, 2019


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