"Gentleman" Agreement Reached Between Goght Community and State Committee on Water Industry Broken (Photos)


When the World Bank monitoring group stopped its works around Geghardalitch gravity irrigation system project, EcoLur received an alarm signal that Goght residents are going to block the road because of the Geghardalitch project. EcoLur visited Goght and in the conversation with the residents, it was found out that in early August the constructors implementing Geghardalitch gravity irrigation system project made an attempt to lay the pipeline in the water intake point of Goght community.

There was a prior arrangement between Goght Community and Geghardalitch project implementers that the latter won’t take water from Goght water intake section, but from the excess point in the reservoir. Reaching an agreement Goght Community Head Artavazd Hakobyan and 4 Goght residents, as well as Geghardalitch project architect V. Sahakyan and Project Developer G. Ghazaryan signed on the map of Geghardalitch gravity irrigation system project and sealed it.

In fact, this document doesn’t have any status and was, as a matter of fact, a “gentleman” agreement and this agreement was breached in early August.

After the complaint of the residents and notification of Kotayq Regional Head all the works were suspended and the residents didn’t block the road.

“If the agreed amendments don’t occur and this project again will be attempted, all Goght residents will fight for this water. Water is the backbone of our community,” said Goght Community Aldermen’s Council member Vahram Sedrakyan in his interview with EcoLur.


20:26 August 18, 2017


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