Nature Protection in New Program of New Government

Nature Protection in New Program of New Government


At the extraordinary cabinet meeting on 8 February, the executive approved the program of the Armenian Government, “With this program, we announce about the launch of the economic revolution,” Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan stated.

We are presenting the environment-related part of the program and ho[e that the interested society will give its response.


In order to promote sustainable development of mining sector the Government plans:

- to develop a strategy on the development of mining sector and an underlying actions plan,

- to implement legislative and institutional regulations in harmony with the strategy on the development of mining sector to ensure simplification and complexity of the procedures necessary for dealing with mining (licensing, permits, regulations connected with land use), balancing of the opinions of the population of impacted communities and business interests, 

- to detect real owners of soil management companies, to create and run a register of landowners.

The Government will take measures to establish a long production chain for the processing of mining raw materials preserving high environmental criteria in this process.


The government will undertake:

-  lifetime extension and modernization of the second power unit of the ANPP, which will ensure effective and safe operation of the Armenian NPP in the extended time period,

- the development of the project on the construction of a new nuclear power unit in the Republic of Armenia taking into consideration the importance of maintaining energetic safety and independence in the republic, as well as the knowledge-based orientation of the energy sector,

- implementation of the projects on the construction of air electricity transmission lines of 400 kW voltage Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia to ensure regional integration,

- promotion of effective use and development of renewable energy sources. Through the assessment of the regimes and carrying capacity of electricity regimes projects on the construction of solar power stations will be implemented based on competitions making the percentage of such stations in the system of internal consumption 10% by 2022.  

-  increase in the effectiveness of the management of water resources and application of up-to-date water-saving methods excluding the overexploitation of resources,

- recovery, preservation of the ecological balance in Lake Sevan, preservation and management of the artesian basin and river ecosystems in Ararat, 

- sustainable management of forests,

- mitigation and prevention of problems generating due to climate change,  as well as the implementation of adaptability actions in line with the obligations undertaken by international agreements,

- promotion of the use of the up-to-date mechanisms designed for mine closedown (reclaiming)
- environmentally friendly management of chemical substances and wastes (including soil management ones)

- effective implementation of the expert assessment of the environmental impact,  
- implementation and conductions of the policy aimed at the promotion of long-term and sustainable development of the green economy.

February 08, 2019 at 15:43