Executive Approved Bill Laying Down Banned Zones for SHPPs

Executive Approved Bill Laying Down Banned Zones for SHPPs


At the Cabinet meeting on 21 March, the Armenian Government approved RA bill on making amendments and supplements to RA Water Code thus laying down banned zones for SHPPs. The draft lays down the cases of rejecting issuing SHPP water use permits. The adoption of this draft is expected to promote the preservation of hydro ecosystem and ensuring balance.

According to this document, the applications of newly constructed SHPP for water use permits will be rejected if:

1) SHPPs are planned to be constructed on those rivers:

a) which have endemic or red-listed species in Armenia or the spawning sites of the endemic species,

b) where the overload with derivation pipelines is 40% or more:

c) where there are water-measuring observation sites and the marks of the planned water intake and water discharge bypass water-measuring observation sites.

2) The construction of SHPPs is carried out:

a) in the conservation zones of specifically protected areas of nature,

b) in the conservation zones of water ecosystems,

c) in the areas of river flow formation,

d) in the river sections, where landslide areas are available,

e) in the forest areas, where felling will be carried out while constructing roads running to the construction area, except for the cases of the availability of the consent for the implementation of works in the state forest areas.

It should be mentioned that this bill developed by RA Nature Protetion Ministry was adopted with the first reading by the RA National Assembly on 24 October 2018. Nevertheless, the second reading of the bill didn't take place because of insufficient votes.

After the approval of the government, this draft will again be submitted to RA National Assembly.

17:34 March 26, 2019


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