Farmers Again Appeared on Republic Square Because of Water Problem

Farmers Again Appeared on Republic Square Because of Water Problem


The problem of water brought the farmers back to the Republic Square. On September 26, the residents of Getashen community, Armavir Region, protested in front of the RA Government building demanding to solve the problem of irrigation water in the community. According to Getashen residents, Armavir WUC has been supplying irrigation water for the last month, with interruptions up to complete shutdown. The villagers suffered damage as they were unable to irrigate their land areas on time.

“The area of ​​about 20 hectares has been without water for more than 20 days. We have signed a contract with the supplier for 300 million AMD. We made an advance payment of 58 million drams, we were only able to hand over 16 million drams. 50% of the pumpkin has spoiled, the same is with 30% of the tomato. There are 70 families working in my farm, they all suffered. We demand the support of the government, a committee to determine the extent of the damage. According to our estimates, it is about 30 million drams,” Samvel Muradyan, a farmer in Getashen, told reporters. According to him, most of the water is directed to the SHPP near the village, then to Araks.

In connection with the protest, Vahagn Arshakyan, Director of Armavir Water Company stated: "It is technically not feasible to ensure that all valves at high level are given water."

Echmiadzin resident Rafael Mkhitaryan also complained: "The waterways have been cut illegally, they do not provide water. Tractors have been used to fill the waterways so that I will not have water." In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the Water Committee Harutyun Gulyan, approaching the gathered people, said that the latter are in demand for water if they are in debt. “On September 16 they made an oral request in case they had had to make all payments before September 15. As of that day you have owed, you have not paid, "said the Deputy Chairman of the Water Committee.

In response to this complaint, EcoLur was notified in writing by the Water Committee: “We report the allegations made by resident of Echmiadzin Rafael Mkhitaryan; Rafael Mkhitaryan is one of the largest business entities of Echmiadzin WUC, has 40 hectares of land, cultivates alfalfa, has a 40 hectare irrigation contract with WUC and owes more than 12 million drams for 2017-2018. Every water user must have a contract, the water distributed to the households must be clearly recorded, and the citizen must, by signature, certify the amount of water received and pay on time for the water used."

September 30, 2019 at 18:13