"Sevan Is of More Priority for Us than SHPP Operation": Environment Ministry


Water use permits issued to small HPPs on the Yeghegis River will be revised if the Ministry of Environment approves the Water Committee's project on transferring Arpa and Yeghegis river water to Lake Sevan and allocating it to the Vayq irrigation system, as Sevak Matilyan, Head of Water Use Permit Division of Water Resources Management Agency of Ministry of Environment of Republic of Armenia, said this during the public hearing of the project on November 21 in response to EcoLur's question.

According to the WP project, 273810,240 m3 of water from Arpa and Yeghegis is planned for Lake Sevan and Vay` irrigation system, thus annually leaving 0.20 m3/sec in Arpa River and 0.30 m3/sec in Yeghegis.

The owners of small HPPs built on the Yeghegis River are dissatisfied with the project. “Yeghegis River will carry 1 cubic meter/second of water during the rest of the 4-7 months. About 10 SHPPs work on the same 1 cubic meter of water, generating 0.5 percent of the country's electricity. We are talking about 1 m3/s of water, which makes no difference to Sevan. On the other hand, if there is 2 cubic meters of water in the Arpa now, why are the Yeghegis SHPPs being questioned for 1 cubic second?” an SHPP representative asked. Sevak Matilyan replied: “We are guided by priorities when delivering WUTs. At the moment, Sevan is more of a priority for us than HPPs. And the answer to that question shall be given by the State Water Committee and not me."

November 25, 2019 at 18:14