Call - Petition Aimed at Climate Bonds Initiative "To Refuse from Certification of Hydropower Projects"

Call - Petition Aimed at Climate Bonds Initiative


The Rivers Without Borders International Coalition has initiated a petition on behalf of 276 global civil society organizations for the Climate Bonds Initiative. The signature statement calls on the Climate Bond Initiative to refuse to certify "green" projects for hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) under the pretext of climate change, as it could pose a significant threat to the river ecosystem and adjacent rivers.

In support of the petition, there are two main reasons for the petition:

1. The use of limited water resources for the hydro-energy certification process will not only help to reduce the expected level of climate change, but will, in turn, deepen the disruption of existing hydrological systems and water biodiversity.

2. The intentions of the Climate Bond Initiative to allocate environmental, social impacts and management system of the hydropower plants are unnecessary and non-targeted as these assessments have already been made and the negative impacts of the hydropower plants on the environment have long been known.

EcoLur has joined the petition.

December 11, 2019 at 14:40