Lake Sevan Again Bloomed: Scientists Developing New Tool To Fight Against Algae

Lake Sevan Again Bloomed: Scientists Developing New Tool To Fight Against Algae
Lake Sevan is has bloomed this year as it was last year. "According to our data, the mass blooming of Lake Sevan has already started. Depending on the temperature and the amount of life-giving elements, it takes about a month for Lake Sevan to bloom. "Every year, after blooming, the algae go down to the bottom of the water creating favorable conditions for blooming next year as well," said Bardukh Gabrielyan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of Scientific Center for Zoology and Hydroecology of National Academy of Sciences.

He said that a struggle should be made to reduce the temperature, which should be done by raising the level of Lake Sevan.

"The entry of bio-elements from the coastal zones must be reduced, that is, treatment plants must be installed. The number of fish must be increased to the appropriate number, those fish are trout, whitefish and carp. As part of the project funded by the Science Committee, we are now working on a targeted program to reduce the number of algae in the flowering period as much as possible. It is a special powder that absorbs algae on its surface and is removed.

"We are working on that program for the first year, we should get that dust, if they continue our funding, we will carry out our testing in some small places, and in the third year a device will be built that will collect algae," Bardukh Gabrielyan said.

It should be mentioned since the beginning of the year, the level of the lake has risen by 41 cm from 1900.43 m to 1900.84 m. The level of the lake started to decrease from July 2, and as of July 20 it is 1900.78 m, being 3 cm lower than the level of the same day of the previous year.

Fhoto Credit: Tigran Mirzoyan FB page

July 20, 2020 at 14:04