Aghstev River contamination seriously damages Armenia’s image

Aghstev River contamination seriously damages Armenia’s image

Edvard Arzumanyan,

Armenian spoke on Aghstev River contamination in Armenia’s Tavush Region recently stating it serves as a landfill for city and village communities and took an interview from Aarhus environmental center coordinator in Ijevan city Gagik Aghbalyan on this regard.

In response to the question what are the environmental issues of the region, Aghbalyan said that contamination of the River is a big issue. Besides, it is a border river and is often used against Armenia by Azerbaijan in various international conferences.

As for what are the main reasons of the contamination, he said that sewage of several village and city communities flows into the river. In addition, there are public objects built across the river, which throw their rubbish just in the river.

As whether the contaminated water is not dangerous for irrigation, the expert said that it indeed is, however all believe spring overflows will take the rubbish in Azerbaijan. But the fishes are suffering great losses, besides, the rubbish in Azerbaijan influences on Armenia’s image as well, which raises the issue on scientific and political reasons.

Regarding whether scavenging does not assist in contamination, as citizens claim that they are placed too far from buildings, Aghbalyan believes scavenging is carried out in time and everything depends on citizens.

15:56 February 06, 2012


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