Three-Day Irrigation in Hot Summer Season

Three-Day Irrigation in Hot Summer Season

Water supply with pauses can harm agricultural crops. The villagers in Sardarapat are concerned: the water supply schedule will be changed – from now on they will have water for three days, then it will be cut off for the next three days. In villagers' opinion, such irrigation schedule is inadmissible, as now plant fertilization period is in progress, if irrigation is not full, everything will be in vain.

The reasons brought by the rural municipality are not substantiated for the villagers. Sardarapat Armen Hovhannisyan insists their community won't experience any problems with irrigation, if deep wells of the village are used. Armavir Regional Municipality Agriculture Department Head assures that the municipality hasn't forgotten about artesian wells, they have registered and will submit the list to the government in near future.

11:18 June 18, 2014


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