Verin Getashen Community Head: 350 Ha in Community Arid for 7 years Because of Operation of "Argitchi' SHPP E

Verin Getashen Community Head: 350 Ha in Community Arid for 7 years Because of Operation of


The land area of 350 ha in Verin Getashen Community, Gegharkounik Region, has been left arid for 7 years because of the operation of "Argitchi' SHPP having started in 2012. After the operation of the SHPP, the community has built a pumping station with its efforts, which pumps water from the Argitchi river to the community through the pipeline. The pumping station enabled irrigating only 150 ha of community land area, while the remaining 350 ha is completely arid, Verin Getashen Community Head Tigran Muradyan said at the meeting organized by 'Martuni Women's Community Council. NGO in Verin Getashen, where EcoLur's team was also present.

Tigran Muradyan informed they are planning to construct a new pumping station in order to make this 350 ha irrigable, and they are planning to receive the necessary funds from 'Hydrocorporation' CJSC operating "Argitchi' SHPP.

According to the community head, in 2012 'Hydrocorporation' CJSC gave a certificate to the community which says there will be a water outlet at a rate of 400 lps in the section of 500 ha. For this purpose, the community constructed an aqueduct with a three-kilometer-long pipeline with the support of the Armenian Government costing 110 million AMD, nevertheless, so far no water has flown there.

Under Tigran Muradyan, the company has installed electricity posts in the personal plots of 10-12 landowners in the community, nevertheless, so far no agreement has been concluded with these people. Moreover, no compensation has been provided either. Those villagers, whose land areas had been used by the machinery in the process of the construction of "Argitchi' SHPP, haven't been compensated either.

After this event, 'Hydrocorporation' CJSC sent a letter to Getashen Community Municipality requesting to submit the list of those families who are unhappy with the proper compensation of the company.


18:01 April 15, 2019


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