90% of Fish Farms in Ararat Valey Violate Water Discharge Terms in Water Use Permits

90% of Fish Farms in Ararat Valey Violate Water Discharge Terms in Water Use Permits


About 90% of Ararat Valley fish farms violate water discharge conditions provided by water use permits and refill water into collector discharge networks, disrupting their normal operation, this is what it is stated in Melioration CJSC Director Fahradyan's letter addressed to Deputy Chairman of Water Committee Harutyun Gulyan in response to EcoLur's letter to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and petitions submitted by the residents of Sayat Nova Community in Ararat Region, Artashar Community in of Armavir Region, and Taronik Community .

Pursuant to Point 3 of Government Decree 416-N of April 17, 2003, the consent of water discharge system organization, in this case - Melioration CJSC, is required to obtain a water use permit, but to date no fish farm has applied for it.

It should also be noted that the inadequate use of groundwater may also lead to deterioration of sanitary-hygienic conditions in the Ararat Valley, as well as its desertification.

The majority of fish farms (about 90%), in violation of the discharge conditions provided for in water use permits, replenish sewage sumps, disrupting their normal operation.

According to the monitoring data, collector discharge networks were operating efficiently, until 2002, with projected capacity providing approximately 36.3 cubic meters / sec or 1144.8 million cubic meters of water discharge to the Metsamor, Hrazdan and Araks Rivers. Since 2003 (the beginning of the development of fish farming in Ararat Valley) the volumes of water discharged through collector drains have gradually increased, and in 2009 have increased sharply to 58.11 m3 / sec or 1832.6 million cubic meters per year, which exceeds the designed capacity by 60%."

November 20, 2019 at 16:12