Irrigation Canals To Be Improved and Constructed in Ararat Region

Irrigation Canals To Be Improved and Constructed in Ararat Region


In 2019, irrigation canals will be constructed and repaired with 264.4 million AMD allotted from the state budget and co-funding of 16.57 million to be allotted from the budget of 13 communities in Ararat Region, as Ararat Municipality informs.

According to the priorities of 2019 in the irrigation sector, 2 billion 223 million and 525 thousand AMD will be invested in the region through the Eurasian Development Bank. Within the frames of the project, the reconstruction and recovery of canals are planned in a number of communities. In 2019, the construction works of Vedi reservoir with 29 million cum capacity will continue having launched at the end of 2014 through the French Development Agency with the involvement of 75 million Euros and 15 million Euros from the state budget, which will meet the demand of irrigation water in Ararat region in a gravity method.

In 2019, the construction of the irrigation canal will be accomplished for the purpose of using the reverse water of fish farms for irrigation purposes with the joint efforts of ASPIRED and Sayat Nova Municipality.

With this project, it is planned to irrigate 60 ha of land areas in Sayat Nova Community. It is also planned to construct 1100 meters of new aqueducts in this community spending 25 million AMD, out of which 20 million will be allotted by the state while 5million will be allotted by community budget: over 130 ha of land areas will be irrigated in the community due to a new aqueduct.

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February 26, 2019 at 15:17