Environment Ministry's Statement on Blooming of Lake Sevan

Environment Ministry's Statement on Blooming of Lake Sevan

The main reasons for the intensive growth of blue-green algae in Lake Sevan and decline in water quality are the high temperature of the lake water since winter and the high percentage of phosphorus in the lake. RA Environment Ministry informs about this, adding that at the same time the mapping and inventory works of the buildings to be dismantled below the 1901.5-meter mark on the shores of Lake Sevan have started.

At the moment, the activity of blue-green algae is observed both in the parts of Large Sevan and Small Sevan.

Last year, about 100 hectares of forest area were cleared from the coastal areas. The works will continue this year. The document "Issues of restoration and protection of the balance of the ecosystem of Lake Sevan, actions necessary and envisaged for their regulation" was developed, which was submitted to the EU donor organizations for financing. About 5 million euros have been allocated for those purposes.

The Ministry of Environment has selected 3 measures requiring urgent solution․

• Prevention of sewage flow from Gegharkunik Region to the lake,

• Rehabilitation of areas occupied by soil management wastes,

• Implementation of cleaning works of polluted riverbeds in Lake Sevan catchment area.

Photo Credit: Environment Ministry 

July 21, 2020 at 12:15