New Water Operator - New Increase in Price

New Water Operator - New Increase in Price


The price for water in Yerevan will increase since 1 January 2017, as Veolia Company stated, which received a monopoly right to water management in the entire territory of Armenia. This company used to control water supply in Yerevan Town represented at “Yerevan Jur” CJSC. Now the company has regained its real name – Veolia and will be called “Veolia Jur” from now on. The term of the concession is 15 years and the agreement on the single operator of water supply will enter into force starting from 1 January 2017. Most probably the new operator will start its activities with the increase in the price for water. According to the company’s latest statement, the reason for such an unprecedented measure is establishing a single price for all the regions in Armenia. In Yerevan one cum water costs 170 AMD, while in some regions it’s over 200 AMD. That is, if the prices are slightly reduced in the regions, it may make up 180 AMD in Yerevan. Taking into consideration that the main number of people in concentrated in Yerevan, it may be supposed that the company intends to immediately benefit from its new monopoly status, if the Public Service Regulatory Committee approves the new tariff.

18:37 November 24, 2016


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